Khajuraho Temples

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Khajuraho Temples - Famous for Erotic Sculptures

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Khajuraho Temples are located in Khajuraho village which is in the Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, India. The Khajuraho temples are famous for their erotic sculpture and marvelous artwork.

The beautiful artwork of these temples attracts the art lovers all over the world. Khajuraho temples were constructed between 950-1050 A.D. during the period of Chandela Rajputs. The Khajuraho group of monuments, which includes medieval Hindu and Jain temples, was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

The name Khajuraho (ancient name being ‘Khajuravahaka’) has been derived from the Sanskrit words ‘khajura’, meaning ‘date palm’ and ‘vahaka’, meaning ‘one who carries’. This is due to the fact that the date palm trees are found in abundance in this area. Originally there were 85 temples, out of which only 22 exist at present. Most of the temples are built of sandstone and each temple is different from one another. However, each temple has a hall, a vestibule and a sanctum.

Places of Attraction

The Khajuraho temples are grouped into three geographical divisions:

  • Western Group of Temples which include Kandariya Mahadeo, Chaunsath Yogini, Chitragupta Temple, Vishwanatha Temple, Lakshmana Temple and Matangeshwara Temple.
  • Eastern Group of Temples which include Parsvanatha Temple, Ghantai temple, Adinatha temple, and the three Hindu temples named the Brahma Temple, the Vamana Temple and the Javari Temple.
  • Southern Group of Temples which include Duladeo Temple and Chaturbhuja Temple.
Khajuraho Temple khajuraho temple sculpture

Best Time to visit Khajuraho Temples

The best time to visit Khajuraho Temples is from September to March.

How to reach Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho is about 600 kms southeast of New Delhi. An airport has also been built in the village of Khajuraho, especially for the tourists. The nearest railway stations are Mahoba, 64 kms far and Harpalpur, which is at a distance of 94 kms from Khajuraho.

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